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KRISBOW Bench Grinder Brush 100 x 16mm
KRISBOW Bench....

Price: Nego

Features :
- Aggressive, multiple row wheel brushes with brass coated steel wire, crimped ( 0, 30mm)
- For medium and heavy applications

SENCO Air Stapler 1-38 mm
SENCO Air Stapler 1....

Features :
Adjustable depth of drive
Two trigger mechanism available ( bottom fire method and trigger fire method)
Benefits :
Lighweight, ergonomic design

KRISBOW Bimetal Hole Saw 102mm ( 4  )
KRISBOW Bimetal Hole....

Features :
- High speed steel M-3 Bi-metal edge welded to Chromium Vandium Steel back for
heavy duty cutting.
- Regular 6 TPI Teeth & variable 4/ 6 " TPI Teeth.
- Cutting....

MITUTOYO Dial indicator back plunger range 5mm / .01mm

Features :
- With its plunger on the back, mitutoyo' s back plunger dial indicator offers the
flexibility of measuring in unusual set-ups.They are built to the same exacting

MAGLITE S2C016R Hangpack 2 Cell C Mag Black

The Mag-Lite® C-Cell flashlight embodies the same precise balance of refined optics, efficient power, durability and quality as the D-Cell Flashlights in a smaller, lighter weight....

NILFISK ATTIX 30-01 PC Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Silent, mobile industrial Wet & Dry vacuum cleaners with superior suction power ATTIX 30 represents a new possibility of achieving superior suction power in a compact and flexible....

LPS 31040 Super Lube Aerosol 6oz
LPS 31040 Super Lube....

Benefits :
Remains free flowing in freezing temperatures
Use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants
Water and saltwater waterfroof
Will not stain or harm wood....

ROBINAIR AC375A RRR F/ R-12 or R-134a

Benefits :

* The unit maintains 6.80kg of refrigerant in an internal vessel, and signals when it' s time to change the supply tank.
* Eliminates damaging air without any....

KRISBOW Air Compressor w/ Gasoline Engine 3HP,  110L

Application :
For industry, workshop and project that have not electrical power.
Benefits :
Portable, high power gasoline engine output.
http: / / www.kawanlama.com/ details....

KRISBOW Depressed Centre Wheel 100x6x16mm ( 4 )
KRISBOW Depressed....

Features :
Gemeral purpose disc for all metal grinding applications
Made from corundum
Medium hard bond. For an optimal ratio between grinding performance and disc life

KRISBOW Activator 20ml
KRISBOW Activator....

Application :
For use with threadlockers, retainers, sealant and gasketing compounds
Features :
Accelerates cure speed
Improves performance on stainless steel, anodized....

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